Glyn Hopkin / Alpine Centre St Albans

The New Alpine A110

The new Alpine A110 is enticing, light and fun, rekindling the spirit of the famed berlinette. At its core, the Alpine A110 is a taut line drawn in a single stroke.

It’s a skin wrapped ever so tightly around powertrain, lowered seating and centre of gravity. The expansive curved rear screen, and side panels with accent lines, highlight the pronounced wheel arches. This is an automobile with fluid lines that make it appear magnetically attracted to the ground.

252 PS
4,5 s 0-100km/h

4180 mm
1798 mm
1252 mm



Details matter. At the front, the A110 revives the signature four headlamps with full LED technology. At the rear, a focus on weight reduction guided the design of the centre exhaust.

The interior features a striking contrast between warm and cool materials: exposed metal elements pair perfectly with the leather interior. Carbon fibre further enhances the A110’s sporty feel.

Interior & Details

96% Aluminium

Aluminium abounds. The platform and body are forged from this ultra-light, noble metal to achieve substantial weight savings.

Aerodynamic Flat Underbody